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Fancy A** Vanilla

We believe good things take time. After spending years painstakingly searching for the right ingredients and working on perfecting our vanilla recipe, we finally created the best vanilla ice cream on the market. Decadent, rich, balanced, fancy... These are just a few words to describe your new FAV vanilla ice cream!

StrawVery Tasty

Strawberry ice cream is an all time great flavor. We began working on making the perfect strawberry ice cream back in 2016 and after years of trial and error, endless note taking, and hundreds of taste tests we finally got it right. Our StrawVery Tasty ice cream is packed with real strawberries and deliciousness unlike anything else you’ll find in the market!

Midnight Mint

Refreshing all natural creme de mint with chunks of crushed organic Newman O’s, carefully combined to ensure a healthy ration of cookie and cream in each bite. When it comes to the perfect late night snack it’s always the right time for Midnight Mint!


A Very rich light roast coffee flavor with carefully blended sweetness, although this name may be hard to pronounce we promise it is easy to eat!

Choco-Lotta Cookies

Similar to the origin of RoseBud, this flavor was inspired when a friend jokingly asked "what if you made ice cream sandwich ice cream?" Confused by the suggestion, but inspired by the 15 minute debate that followed we got to work on creating what we thought it should be. Chocolate chip cookies crushed and mixed into the ice cream base with even more chocolate chip cookies added and hand mixed in after it's been pulled out of the machine to ensure cookie deliciousness in each bite!

Moonlight Daydream

A Colorado take on a Midwest classic, Moonlight Daydream is truly an enigma of a flavor. Hints of fruity pebbles with lemon raspberry accents and a nutmeg profile. This flavor is universally loved but there is little consensus on how to best describe it!

Mighty Fine Chocolate

When our founder started working on ice cream flavors back in 2016 he learned right away how tough good chocolate ice cream is to master. For six years Sam worked on creating something to silence the incessant requests for chocolate ice cream that he'd get everywhere he went. We could have released a chocolate flavor 4 years into the quest for perfection that people said was "really good" but that's not how we do things. After six years of finding the right sources, experimenting with ratios, and figuring out every detail down to how many times it should churn in the machine we are proud to share a chocolate ice cream that has had all of our chocolate loving taste testers describing it as the best chocolate ice cream they've ever had!

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