RoseBud Ice Cream

Hand-Crafted CBD Infused Ice Cream

The Future Is Frozen

OG Dreamsicle

We’re taking a modern approach to a classic flavor. Take chilling out to the next level with the ice cream of your dreams. Whether you’re enjoying it on the couch or by the pool, this OG is the perfect companion for any occasion.

Wanna elevate your experience? Try it in a shake.

Lemon Hazeberry

This delicious celebration is redefining sweet and sour. The flavor is sure to energize your taste buds while chilling you out. See for yourself how the two flavors are balanced to sweet perfection in this delicious treat.

For you health nuts, try adding fresh strawberries.

Mounty Maple

Who says you can’t have ice cream for breakfast? Whether you’re starting an early day or finishing off a late night there’s never a wrong time for this delicious treat. Mounty Maple is our prized blend of rich cream, sweet syrup, and decadent vanilla. 

Feeling adventurous? Try it on apple crisp.

About RoseBud Ice Cream

We’re Denver’s original CBD infused ice cream. With delicious, hand-crafted ice cream and top quality CBD, RoseBud Ice Cream takes chillin’ to a whole new level. Experience your favorite frozen treat like never before!

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