About Us

RoseBud Ice Cream was born in the kitchen of Sam Rose’s childhood home when a friend exclaimed “you could sell this!” over bowls of homemade ice cream. What started as an afternoon amongst friends vying to make the best ice cream turned into the unending exploration of ice cream perfection we now know as RoseBud Ice Cream.

Each pint of RoseBud Ice Cream contains more than just artisanal ingredients, they include the memory of friends coming together on a warm summer afternoon. When you enjoy RoseBud Ice Cream we want you to be transported to moments of everyday happiness both past and new. RoseBud Ice Cream was made to make a bad day good and a good day great! We have spent years crafting our recipes and carefully sourcing ingredients in order to deliver world class flavor to your local market.

To honor the camaraderie that inspired our start and continues to support our success we are committed to enriching the lives of the people in our local communities. Sometimes that means being your go-to ice cream for life’s celebrations and it’s our greatest honor when we can find more profound ways to help out. From the very start our ice cream has always been more than just the best ingredients; we aim to provide happiness in every pint, and every bite!

Our Cream Executive Officer

Before there was RoseBud Ice Cream there was a boy selling “cool looking” rocks, backyard dinosaur hunting adventures, and comic books doodled out on printer paper using ballpoint pens. The fun wasn’t in the sale, it was the days spent creating, building and dreaming. That little boy grew up to become Rosebud Ice Cream founder and “Cream Executive Officer” Sam Rose. While his business focus has sharpened since the days of his youth, his desire to make his work a source of joy has never left him.

When he’s not in the test kitchen you can find Sam in a boxing ring. Sam was first introduced to the sport in high school and over a decade later his passion for boxing has only grown. Sam likes to joke about the similarities between taking literal punches and starting a business. He credits boxing for teaching him how to get back up after setbacks and come back even stronger.

Sam’s boyhood dream of being his own boss has come to fruition and he’s certain that the little boy that liked to collect cool rocks would be over the moon to learn his business is making the world's best ice cream. It has become RoseBud Ice Cream’s mission to keep Sam’s boyhood dream of doing business with heart alive- which is why RoseBud Ice Cream can be found supporting the communities it’s in.