Our Flavors

Our CBD-infused products are engineered to take your life to its ultimate potential.
Whether you’re looking for an extra pep in your step, a relief for your everyday discomforts,
or a reset button with your best night of sleep, we have the answers.


OG Dreamsicle

This perfect texture balances a coupling of flavors sure to leave a smile on your face. We took a classic that we thought doesn’t get enough credit in the ice cream realm and updated it by blending a zesty orange flavor with a smooth sweet cream and a modern ingredient, CBD. Nostalgic bliss guaranteed in every spoonful of this medley.


Lemon Hazeberry  

We wanted to make a fruity flavor that would truly stand out on its own, beyond the obvious CBD infusion. Using a blend of natural juices and purees, we perfected this tangy mix of flavors to be light, fluffy, and incredibly refreshing all at once. See for yourself what happens to your taste buds when sweet & sour are harmoniously merged.


Mounty Maple

We’ve always loved vanilla but knew there was room for improvement, and CBD is not the only ingredient to complement this rich but delicately smooth cream. It combines the heartiest notes of the highest-quality maple syrup with the most savory hints of vanilla bean. This thicc masterpiece is giving even the most hardcore chocolate fans a reason to salivate.  



A very rich light roast coffee flavor with carefully blended sweetness. Although the name may be tough to pronounce, we promise that this ice cream is certainly easy to eat.


Midnight Mint

Refreshing all natural mint with chunks of crushed organic Newman O's, carefully combined to ensure a healthy ratio of cookie and cream in each bite. When it comes to this perfect late night snack it’s always the right time for Midnight Mint.


Moonlight Daydream

A Colorado take on a Midwest classic, Moonlight Daydream is truly an enigma of a flavor. Hints of fruity pebbles with lemon raspberry accents and a nutmeg profile. This one is universally loved but there is little consensus on how to best describe it.


StrawVery Tasty 

Since 2016 strawberry ice cream has been the white whale of our ice cream making efforts. After years of trial, error and note taking with hundreds of tests we finally got it right. 
Strawberry ice cream is an all time great that just got even better with the RoseBud twist. This ice cream is packed with real strawberries and deliciousness unlike anything we’ve ever tried! Check it out today and find out what StrawVery Tasty is all about!  


Fancy A** Vanilla

At RoseBud we believe that good things take time. While most other ice cream companies would launch with a regular vanilla, we painstakingly worked on perfecting our vanilla. Any true ice cream maker will tell you that vanilla is anything but plain. The simplicity of having one flavor to present is what makes it the most difficult flavor to master. After years of searching for the right stuff we finally have the best all natural vanilla ice cream on the market. Decadent, rich, balanced, delicious, fancy. These are just a couple ways to describe the elegant taste of this ice cream perfection. Get to know your new FAV ice cream, Fancy Ass Vanilla.